Faith Song Mission, Isaiah 12 Records & Studios, and Vital Force Publishing is a Christ-centered mission and ministry, developed in two specific areas: First, in production, publishing and release of Scriptural, testimonial, public and/or personal expressions of the Christian faith in each applicable, cross-cultural context, through music, audio, written and visual art forms; and second for support of research, teaching and/or information sources and outreach ministries.
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Welcome to the Sound Gallery for the music of Karen Johns Band and Isaiah 12 Records. This is a detailed gallery you may read, view and listen to at your leisure, CD by CD and song by song. Album overviews, lyrics, song samples, writers and production notes are included for each project; presenting the latest release to the earliest.

Mercy River
Perhaps the writers/producers of these songs come to this project as beatniks of sorts, Scripture beatniks that is, as love of Scripture and testimony is coupled with instinct for rhythm, meter and syncopation. In summary, this jazz/blues album is pathos moving the interpreter rhythmically toward an in-depth comprehension of ...more
Ballad of the Mission
Ballad of the Mission is a country-grassroots-folk original by Karen Johns Band that beckons us to examine our hearts for God. Half of the songs on this CD album were written in Nashville, and the other half were written during their four years in Canada, where James and Karen attended ...more
The grassroots, folk CD Recompense bids the listener to reflect and contemplate pure faith: the faith of our fathers and mothers based in the Good Book- the King James Bible- that to which the early English and American Church adhered. This project was produced and crafted with basic ...more
Faith Song Mission
Faith Song Mission is a contemporary Christian album project of what many have considered epic proportions. Opening with the Overture into the power prophecy Valley of Decision... closing to Dream and Prince of Peace- Godspeed- it is rock opera in nature weaving a tapestry of music style, gifting, and ...more
Eternal Invitation
Described by some as an album that examines the born again experience, Eternal Invitation is a musical testimony declaring the journey the believer takes through the world and into the Kingdom of God; into eternal life. The divine realizations we are given, the human and sanctified realities we experience ...more